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A projector creates an unparalleled home viewing experience and elevates office meetings and presentations to a whole new level. There are ample choices for every requirement and every budget. Check out the best projectors in India for home with price online at Alfa’s website. Not just for home use, you will also find the best projectors for office here. Alfa offers a range that consists of DLP and LED projectors, allowing you to take your pick. To fit your requirement for projection size, check the projectors specifications and remember that the given size is measured diagonally. This should be calculated in keeping with the size of the room and distance from screen. Even the best projector in India won’t be good enough if you do not think through the details carefully. While DLP projectors have a better response time and sharper images, LED projectors deliver better colours, have a lower power consumption, are smaller and require almost no maintenance. The viewing distance and connectivity also matter and hence, should be considered during purchase.

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